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AH15 E24 1.5kW Air Compressor

AH15 E24 1.5kW Air Compressor
AH15 Oil-Free Piston Air Compressor

About & Specification:
- Direct drive oil-free compressor with built-in overload protection.
- Oil-less construction means no oil changes
- High-grade aluminium alloy provides high performance with low weight.
- 4 litre air receiver with manual condensate drain valve.
- Robust wheels and handle.
- Adjustable pressure regulator, pressure gauges (receiver pressure and regulated outlet pressure), quick - coupling for ease of use.
- Pressure switch with "Off" and "Automatic operation" buttons, safety valve and power cable

Technical Specs:

- Oil-Free piston compressor on a 24 litre tank
- Displacement: 205 l/min (7.3 cfm)
- Capacity F.A.D: 88 l/min (3.1 cfm)
- Maximum working pressure: 8.0 bar.g (116 psi.g)
- Motor rating: 1.5kW
- Electrical supply: 230V, 1 phase
- Electrical supply rating: 6.7 Amps
- Compressed air connection: G
- Dimensions (L x W x H): 610mm x 310mm x 625mm
- Weight: 22 kg


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AH15 E24 Ref: AH15E24  

Price: 221.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)


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